The Dobrna spa away 170/188 km from Trieste / Gorizia, or 137 Km from Klagenfurt (Osterreich) of which only 14 km to ride on normal roads. Entered in Slovenia, we must take the motorway in the direction of Ljubljana, then onward to Maribor/Celje, Zalec exit and follow signs for “Dobrna spa”. To move on the motorway in Slovenia it is compulsory that you can also buy the Vigneta motorway service stations at or near the same as you entered Slovenia. Ljubljana is the nearest town in Dobrna (79 km.) With its airport ( and its bus station ( The official tourist information of Slovenia ( you can find all the information necessary to move to Slovenia.

You can also get to Ljubljana by means of Lowcost  Pullman such as FLIXBUS which starts from many Italian and European cities (

From September 2018 a new cross-border rail service is also active, combining Udine, Trieste and Ljubljana thanks to an agreement between Trenitalia and Slovenske železnice. There are two daily connections scheduled throughout the entire week, one of which on the Udine – Trieste – Ljubljana route (with a stop in Trieste Airport) and another on the one leg between the regional capital and the Slovenian capital. There are seven stops in our Friuli Venezia Giulia (Udine, Palmanova, Cervignano-Aquileia-Grado, Trieste Airport, Monfalcone, Trieste Central and Villa Opicina) and eight in Slovenia (Sesana, Divaccia, San Pietro del Carso, Postojna, Radura, Longatico , Borovenizza and finally Ljubljana).

Dobrna can be reached by public transportation:
– bus connection is possible from Celje (Information: Bus station “Izletnik Celje”, t: +386 3 425 34 00) or from Velenje. The bus station is located in the center of Dobrna and at the Thermal spa administration. Timetable of bus transportation can be found on the websites of Izletnik Celje or by clicking the following link: .
– the nearest train station is in the city of Celje, which is 20 km away from Dobrna. Direct rail links to Dobrna does not exist, it is necessary to cross the bus. Timetable of rail transportation can be found on the websites of Slovenian Railways or by clicking the following link: .

You can contact GO OPTI (, a Service Low Cost Minibus transfers from Airports and not.
For any information or support for us, such as the transfer from the airport of Ljubljana at the Festival, please contact us or Dobrna Spa .